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Welcome, Teachers and Parents!

     This corner of Math Cats is for those of us who want to help the kids in our lives to thrive on the joys of math. In this one area of Math Cats, I greet you as Wendy Petti, a parent of three children and
a teacher for over 20 years.
     I created Math Cats for children to promote open-ended and playful explorations of important math concepts. In this corner, we as educators will look at ways to make the most of mathematical opportunities, here at Math Cats and in the world around us.

photo by Emily Petti

great math activities and resources suggested by teachers*

1) making the most of online math explorations: - (with links to lots of great math sites) 
2) approaches to math instruction
3) math activities for families, math carnivals, math nights, and classroom math centers   
4) a math toolbox in every home - (help students make and use math manipulatives)
5) math and literature
6) addition and subtraction
7) place value
8) odd and even
9) rounding
10) multiplication   
11) order of operations
12) fraction activities  and a collection of sites for exploring fractions 
13) geometry and math art
14) resources: geometric construction sets
15) winter math 
16) spring math
17) fall math

There will be more Idea Banks coming soon!

* Many of these ideas have been shared by teachers for teachers at "" and are used with permission, whenever it was possible to contact the authors.

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Share your ideas, too!

I hope you poke around the Math Cats idea banks, as well as the Math Cats site for kids, and think about how these activities can be used to enrich children's mathematical understandings.

A word about my background:

I've worked with the youngest tots all the way up through tutoring and teaching at the college level, and I've provided training and support for teachers in several areas of the curriculum (math, creative writing, and Information Technology). My publication credits include two books on math and technology topics and dozens of articles for elementary math educators. I've made numerous presentations at state, regional and national technology and math conferences. I've completed a B.A. in psychology, an M.A.T. in secondary English, and extra graduate work for certification in elementary education. I've taught in public and private schools in five states, spending the bulk of my teaching career working with elementary school children. My students each year (as in most classrooms) have spanned a wide range of abilities and maturity levels, from children with learning disabilities and other learning challenges to children whose academic gifts are awesome, with plenty of children in between. Following many years as a homeroom teacher, I was the Lower School Information Technology teacher and coordinator for eight years at a private school in Washington, D.C. (where some of Math Cats' early projects were born), followed by five years as an elementary math specialist. I'm currently a fourth grade homeroom teacher at another private school. Throughout my varied experiences as an educator, I have looked for ways to make learning relevant, open-ended, creative, hands-on, and fun. I'm now trying to bring the best of my experiences and the best of myself to Math Cats.

Just one more thing... I would really appreciate your feedback about Math Cats for Kids or Math Cats for Teachers and Parents, and I welcome your input about what you would like to see added to the site. Or let me know how you might plan to use Math Cats with the kids in your life.

Wendy Petti


(Here is Emily, my daughter, who took the photo of me above. At this moment, we were just bringing two dear kitties home from a farm in Amish country to become our "real" math cats. They are Huggles and Oreo. Time has passed, and they have grown up. There is nothing like the purring of a happy cat on my lap, trying to help me type! You can read more about Huggles and Oreo in the Young Hunters story on the Cat Tails page of Math Cats for Kids.)
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